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About XML Sitemap Generator


A domain map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of an internet website.

There are 3 types of website map:

  1. Sitemap builders used all through the making plans of a website by means of its designers.
  2. Human-visible listings, typically hierarchical, of the pages on a domain.
  3. Dependent listings intended for internet crawlers along with search engines.

Having an XML sitemap to your website is a crucial part of search engine optimization (SEO).By using, developing and filing XML sitemaps you are more likely to get better freshness and insurance in search engines like google and yahoo.

XML sitemaps generator tool, generates a sitemap that allow you to fast and without difficulty notify search engines about all the pages to your website and any modifications. This ensures they're listed quickly and effectively, in particular with new websites which have lower natural discoverability.


This is because it lets us inform search engines like google approximately vital pages for your website. That increases its visibility to google, bing, yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and so forth, and guarantees to an index of the internet pages that might not be discovered otherwise. Those provide extra statistics approximate for your website online to search engines, complementing their traditional strategies of crawling the sector's extensive web. All main search engines like google and yahoo use the identical XML-based protocol for that. Because of this if you have an XML sitemap, that will let Google, Yahoo, Microsoft's bing (msn), and ask to have up to date records anytime you add a brand new map file to your server.

XML sitemaps are specifically helpful if:

  1. You've got a modern-day website
  2. Your website has dynamic content material generated through cms (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc)
  3. You have got a number of pages
  4. You do not have preferred google page rank
  5. Your internet site has complicated navigation
  6. A number of your web pages are either not accessible from the main page and its subordinates, or are buried too deep within the web page hierarchy

In case you appear to have damaged hyperlinks to your website, our sitemap generator will detect the ones and tell you of all of the useless links and the pages these hyperlinks are on!


There are various online sitemap generators tools which could be used as follows below:

  • Enter your complete internet site URL and some non-compulsory parameters within the form.
  • Press ‘generate sitemap’ button and wait until the site is absolutely crawled.
  • You will be redirected to the generated sitemap details page, which includes the number of pages, damaged hyperlinks list, XML file content and hyperlink to a sitemap file. Download the sitemap document to use that link and put it into the domain root folder of your website.
  • Go to your Google webmaster account and add your sitemap URL.


Sure, different XML sitemap builder browses best web pages which are free on hand by way of every person. Content material restricted by your robots.Txt file from Google, yahoo, Bing, and other serps will not be covered in your sitemap.XML document. Overall the net generator script will, in reality, pass it.