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Redirection is a procedure where one URL is simply forwarded to another URL. If you want to know about the complete path of the redirect URL has gone, then URL redirect checker is perfect for you. This tool is used for inspecting various URLs and reporting on every response code that each URL gives. This tool is used as a free link redirect checker and can be used by anyone.


You know what redirection is, right? But there are some types that it has and they are as below:

  • 300 MULTIPLE CHOICES:This redirection implies various options for the resource which one can follow, like, for a video various format options can be presented, or some files have various extensions, etc.
  • 301 MOVED PERMANENTLY: If anyone uses this redirection, then all the future requests to any particular URL is redirected to another given URL permanently.
  • 302 FOUND (HTTP 1.1)/MOVED TEMPORARILY (HTTP 1.0): HTTP protocol is the one internet works on as it dictates the working of URLs. HTTP has got two key versions, version 1.0 303 which means the status code “Moved Temporarily” and the version 1.1 means the status code “Found.”
  • 307 MOVED TEMPORARILY (HTTP 1.1 ONLY): When this redirect is used, it means that the request needs to be repeated with some other URL; however, all the requests made in future shall be using the original URL still.
  • META REFRESH: Meta Refresh is that redirect type that is executed on the page level rather than on the server level. In SEO redirect checker, it is usually not recommended because it is a slow technique. You might have seen “If you are not redirected in five seconds, click here” five seconds countdown. It is usually associated with this redirection.


Redirect checker is URL checker online and it can be used for tracking down the path of any particular affiliate link and the network in which it is involved. It can also be used for ensuring that the URL shortners or bit.ly links are really redirecting the user to any legitimate page only. It also helps all the users in checking the redirects of their own so that they can be sure that the redirected domain is being redirected to their new domain correctly. So, they work as domain redirect checker too. Plus, you can also see where the cookies are set in the path of redirection.


Using the website redirect checker or URL redirect checker is really simple as there is nothing much you have to do. Simply provide the URL in the box present and tap on the option “Check” and the results will start to show up.

Now, if you are looking for a simple tool that checks the path of the redirected URLs and is user-friendly, reliable and fast, then this is a right place for you. So, provide the link whose path you want to check and go for redirect test and get the results.