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About Word Counter Pro

What is Word counter pro?

Word counter pro is an advanced application for writers which is powerful and quite easy to use. With this amazing application, you can view the statistics of the written content like character count, word count, sentence count, paragraph count and many more.  Whether you are a writer or a student word count plays an important role in the writing field and Word counter pro is the best application for them.

Imagine if you don’t have application to count the words then it will be very difficult for you to count every single word of your document. Thus, Word counter pro is the best help to those whose work is depended on word count and other document features.

How will the Word counter pro help you?

Word counters pro not only assists in providing accurate details about the words and characters of the document but also give the opportunity to change the page size of the document. Detailed information about the word document enables the user to check correct words in the body, headline, subheadings separately which is not possible to separate for any ordinary document software.

This amazing word count tool provides an option to change the margins of the page like left margin and right margin. When it comes to publishing any document on the internet its mandate to write a certain minimum number of words in the body and up to 10 -15 words in the title to get it approved. With the help of this application, you can easily meet the word count need.

Why you use the Word counter pro?

You can get a number of online word count applications but they are not reliable and may tell you incorrect details of the words. This application is highly preferred around the world because of its user-friendly interface and easy to use. Most of the word counter applications available online may even ask for the paid subscription but Word counter pro is completely free. No matter which operating system you use you can get this word checker application or all operating systems.

How to use the Word counter pro?

Word counter pro is available here for your use. You do not have to struggle in writing the complete matter here, just you need to copy and paste the words. Another option given with this application is to upload the document. Simply upload or paste the written matter in the box and click on check now option. Within a second you will get the total number of characters, word count, line count and more.

The application allows the user to upload multiple documents to be checked at one time. This not saves the time of the user but makes easy to the total word of all the documents.  You can also copy the received data to some other place. This can be the best tool for office purposes where content needs to be managed in an accurate manner.

Now, you do not have to worry about word counting errors, just use Word counter pro and get accurate results.