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Online Word Counter Tool

Whether you agree or not, we all are in the era of online. Especially any software or tools, rather than downloading and installing it on a computer or laptop it's always better to use them online. There are many websites available to provide software as tools, among which SEOtollstack is also one of them. Word Counter is very important when you have a restriction to submit a 500-word article or 180 characters twitter post.

The era of character count or word count is truly upon us. Following are some of the notes you should consider

  • The maximum characters that you put on a Facebook post are 63,206 and in the comment is 8000 characters.

  • Twitter let us publish a post of a maximum of 280 characters.

  • How about Instagram? We could publish a maximum of 30 hashtags.

  • Even to rank in top 10 google search results, your post may have to stay around 1800 words.

You need to always stay on point by counting the character count and word count in the article or post that you are writing.

For that to happen you need an Online word counter tool.

Why Use an Online Word Counter tool?

You might be wondering why should you be using an online word counter tool? Generally counting words or characters is very important and not easy. You can see the total number of words on MS word, you can count the characters there.

Using any installed software takes time to install software on your computer and you realize that this is a quite difficult exercise.

Besides, who wants to waste their precious time on counting the words and characters in a lengthy document when you are having an online tool provided by SeoToolStack.

Most of the word counter applications available online may even ask for the paid subscription but Our Word counter is completely free.

Meet our word counter tool, that counts the number of words and characters for the text you have provided. It is a smart count word calculator which delivers results in an eye blink.

 How does it work?

Our online word counter has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It is extremely easy to use and it is sophisticated enough to deliver excellent results.

All you have to do is just follow the simple Steps.

That is it, in no time the result is right on the screen in the result field.

Online Word Counter

Now, you do not have to worry about word counting errors, just use Word counter and get accurate results.

You also have an option to upload the document directly from your laptop or computer, import from Dropbox or google drive.

For that, you need to go Word counter Pro


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How Seo Tool Stack Online Text Checker is Different?

Of Course, there are many word counting tools available over the web, but our tools are extremely different, unique and better.

Other than, its user-friendly interface and convenience of usage, Text Checker by SEO Tools Stack is having many features you hardly get from other text counters available online.

Our tools just don’t show you the number of words, it also does the following.

  • It shows you the total number of words, Characters including space, the number of sentences and the number of paragraphs.

  • It shows you the top keywords density, that the keyword that you have used the most.

  • With all these features, this tool is more than just your average word counter; it’s an all-inclusive, sophisticated textual content metrics analyzer.

  • Oh Yeah, you get all of those features for completely FREE

We Respect Your Privacy

It's common that other online text checker tools to keep your content in their servers when you use them. But regarding your data privacy, we are different.

For that matter, we do NOT keep or view your content when you use our tool or any of our other SEO and content tools.

We ensure that your content is 100% safe and only accessible by you.

Check out our Privacy Policy.