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Website Screenshot Generator

Screenshots prove as evidence or proofs for problems or troubles faced in the cyber or the technological society.

Screenshots of Android operating systems have been age-old and found to be common among people. But, many users are not aware of the screenshot feature available on their laptops or desktops or online or for a particular website.

A particular website screenshot generator is mainly required to maintain and develop a particular website and mainly comes in handy for a particular website developer or designer for getting a website working or functioning at its highest potential by troubleshooting the problems in the website.

A particular screenshot can also be taken to monitor the content of the web page or the website and also eliminating viruses or the website getting hacked or crashing down.

Screenshot tool

There are various tools to develop website snapshots or screenshot online which help in monitoring and updating the website or the web page and improvise its functionality.

Some of these tools are:

1.Web capture

This tool is lethal as it capacitates of helping in saving screenshots or snapshots in versatile formats such as that of PDF or JPG or other such formats which support images. This tool eliminates the hassle of downloading any other file or folder for getting the work done and enables every task to perform online as also to get a website screenshot online. However, this tool has one disadvantage of time consumption on certain laptops or desktops while saving the work.

2. Snapito

This tool enables one to take snapshots or screenshots of the parent website as also other websites in competition, enabling monitoring and checking the functionality of the website by just typing in the address of other sites on the toolbar and also enabling customizing the size of the snapshots or screenshots.

The one area where this tool lacks is that it does not have the feature of saving a particular image of the screenshot or snapshot.

Some of the other tools in the similar category are:

  • Chrome tool: Awesome
  • Site-2-Pic
  • Websnapar
  • Page- 2- images
  • Thumbalizr
  • Capture full page
  • Shrink the web
  • URL-2-PNG and
  • Browshot

Website mockup generator

A particular website mockup generator enables for a certain website developer or designer as to how a particular website shall be seen on a particular operating system such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux or Ubuntu or even Apple operating devices.

This enables one to test the website on multiple operating systems and hence multiple devices and hence build up a robust and efficient website for the client without any hassle.

There are various portals which provide this facility of testing the website among various operating systems and device interfaces as to how the website shall look on the operating system by mere copying and pasting the address of the website and checking it. One such portal is, which enables a developer to:

  • Get a mockup of a Windows or a Macbook interface.
  • Helping in changing design and layout of the background
  • Placement of the mockup in the area of choice
  • Veiling the mockup generating devices