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Website Links Count Checker

Are you struggling with counting the links on your website? Do not worry as we have a quick tool to count it for you instantly. This free Website Links Count Checker tool provides accurate details of the links available on the webpage. Website owners need to check their website for links in order to maintain the quality and loading speed of the website. And when it comes to having SEO on the website, this SEO link checker tool is highly beneficial.

Our free Website Links Count Checker tool is free to use and can check as many URL you want. It saves your money which needs to pay for the website developer to check the links. Also, it saves the time as just you need to enter the URL in the box and get complete detail of all the links.

How to use website URL checker tool?

This amazing tool is simple to use and display the results within a second. Just you need to enter the URL or paste the website URL in the box and click on the ‘Check button’ you will get information about the external links, internal links, dofollow links and nofollow links.

Internal links: Links which are interlinked with the website itself are the internal links and the URL checker tool is capable of calculating accurate internal links.

External links: You may have used separate external link checker tool to know the external links but here on our URL checker tool you can easily get the exact number of the external links instantly.

Total links: Total links means the calculated number of all the links including internal and external available on the webpage. You can even check for the duplicate links available on the webpage through our link checker tool. 

Do follow Links: dofollow links the search engines to reach your webpage and our link checker online tool help you to know a number of dofollow links very easily. 

Nofollow links: Nofollow links like social media links can also be counted from this tool.

How can you increase dofollow links?

Dofollow links are always best links to improve the website traffic. Those who spend money on SEO for their website must look for more dofollow links. From our website link checker tool, you can easily keep track of the dofollow links and improve the ranking of the website on the search engine. There are certain techniques followed by SEO professionals that increase dofollow links and this tool can help you manage them.

How does nofollow and dofollow links help in SEO?

Search engines like Google always rank the website which has more dofollow links. Because of old Google algorithm website owners used to get many dofollow links on their website but if the inks present on the website does not have quality content then Google does not improve that. So, Famous website owners and bloggers inserted nofollow links so that avoid poor content links.

If your website has a good number of dofollow links then chances of getting high ranking on search engines increases. So, use our easy URL checker tool and improve your website traffic.