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About Website Hit Counter

Website hit counter tool

Internet has connected people around the world which was a near impossible task earlier. But with the help of the evolving technology and the development that tool place in internet, all the people across the world got connected to one another. This was made possible by the various websites and social media platforms that are available on the internet. In order to make these websites more advanced and maintain them we need some kind of tools or services. One such service is website hit counter; it is basically a service tools that help in counting the traffic on a particular website. Also, they help in maintaining the websites and adding various new features through the number of tools.

Need of website hit counter tool

These days there are numerous websites available on the internet and it has become difficult for the user to find or to identify the credibility of any particular website. In order to deal with this many credible websites have started using website hit counter tool. It is one of the best SEO tool available today. It has become difficult to just depend on the search engine in order to go to the best website. Website hit counter tool lets the user know the exact number of visitors that a particular website has. Whenever a new visitor visits the website or the webpage the hit counter will add one more number to the ongoing tally of number of visitors. This helps the user in understanding the credibility of the website.

How to use our website hit counter tool?

It is obvious that a website with more number of hits on the counter that is, the more number of visitors will be more credible than the website with less number of visitors. It is one of the most useful tools for the webmasters and the website owners. We are providing this website hit counter tool online for free on the internet and it is very easy to use. All to have to do is to enter the URL of the page that you want to monitor and select a number that you want to show on the counter. As the number of visitor on your website increases, more new people will start noticing the website. In this they will think that your website is credible and that is why it is gaining visitors.

Advantages of using website hit counter tool

We also provide some additional feature with this tool such as you can select the number of digit that you want to show on the counter. Also, you have to option to choose that you want to keep the counter open or visible for everyone or you want to open for selected visitors only. You can place the website hit counter anywhere on the website as you like. One of the major advantage of using our website hit counter tool is that it is available free of cost on the internet. If you are going to create a website for a newly formed business or want to expand any existing business than this tool just made up for you.

After selecting all the various options, you can finally click on the generate code button and then code will be generated which you can paste on your website and voila it’s done.