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Our website brings a free Encoding and Decoding tool for you. This tool helps the user to add special characters like percentage sign and hexadecimal values to the URL with just a single click. You can even convert the coded URL to normal by decoding option. Decoding is often preferred when you want to know about the newsletter source or email campaign. This tool is completely free to use and offer results instantly.

How to use URL encoder and decoder tool?

The URL encode decode tool is easy to use just you need to paste the text into the space given above and after clicking on encode or decode button text will be converted into the decoded or encoded form. The URL must not contain space between the text, so after you encode any text spaces will be changed to the ‘+’ symbol and letters or characters will be into ‘%’ sign.

Internet only understands the URL in the ASCII character set form so every URL must in the same format in order to be carried over on the web. Most of the website developer needs to understand the URL coding for their work and this amazing URL encode and decode tool is highly beneficial for them. This can give results within a second and converts unlimited URL without any charge.

What is the use of URL Encoding?

URL Encoding helps the user to know the URL which will be coded by the internet when the website or webpage gets live on the internet. Internet follows a certain set of language for URL to connect between websites or WebPages so users can encode their URL and check how it will look after the website gets live. The encoding tool converts the capital letters into “-“(Hyphen or Dash sign), small alphabets into “_” (Underscore sign) and numbers into “.” (Period sign).

How decoding of the URL work?

If you do not understand the URL of any website then decoding of that URL is used to understand. Just copy and paste the encoded URL given on the website and paste in the above box available. After pressing the decoding button, you will get the URL without special characters which makes it easy to understand. Website owners or developers can easily check server status of their website using this tool and rectify the issue if page is not loaded properly.

How this URL decode and encode tool is useful for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process to improve the ranking of any website and to have a smooth connection between the pages and search engine you need to use encode decode URL tool. Especially for those who deal with FORM on their website should use such tool. FORM use two methods to pass the information from HTML format to URL and encoding makes it easy. The user can also use this tool as website checker to a better understanding of the URL.

Our urldecode online tool helps websites to increase their search engine ranking. The user does not need any special steps to follow for url decoder rather just need to click on the button and you will get the URL decoded.