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About Twitter Card Generator

Twitter card generator tool.

Media is considered as the fourth pillar of the democracy. It has evolved in past few years. Earlier newspaper was the main source of the information for the people and was considered the most popular medium for the media. Then radio and televisions came into existence, which took the game of media to another level. But these days the most famous and the trendiest medium used by the media is social media. There are various sites available online through which people can connect with each other also share important information. And it is not limited to this only; these day popular social media platforms like Facebook and twitter are used as platform to market and promote various products and services.

Need of twitter cards

The two most popular social media platforms available in the market today are Facebook and twitter. Twitter has gained immense popularity in last few years the main reason for that is it allows all kinds of people to connect with each other publicly like you can connect with a celebrity or a politician easily. During the days of its inception twitter had a limit of only 140 characters. These days it has become the best platform for the people to share their views with other and raise their voice. It is not limited to that only as people are using it to broadcast their product and services and market them. For this twitter provided a new facility known as twitter cards.

Different types of twitter cards

These twitter cards allowed people to add images, videos, and the description of their product or services along with their tweet. In the past few years the advertising and marketing game has changed in many ways these days’ people prefer to market their product online on social media platforms. The main reason for that is it is free of cost and it’s very much effective. For this twitter offers four types of cards. There are basically four types of twitter card popularly used and they are

  • summary card
  • summary card with large image
  • app card
  • player card

Advantages of twitter card generator tool

Now to answer the main question here and that is how to generate a twitter card. There is basically a tool available for generation of these twitter card and it is known as twitter card generator tool. First of all, you have to generate Meta tags for the various twitter cards you want to generate. The after that you have to insert them into your homepage of your website and then get them approved by twitter. In order to generate these various Meta tags you have to must have the knowledge HTML code or simply you can use the twitter card generator tool available online.

You can use the twitter card generator tool that we are providing. The main advantage of this tool is that it is available online and is free of cost. You also don’t need any special skill in order to operate this tool. You just need to enter the appropriate information available in the tool and then a code will be generated. And then after that you can easily generate your own twitter card.