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One of the greatest inventions of all time was computer, which revolutionised everything around us. But computer alone would have been able to affect everything around us but the programs that came with it were game changing. After the discovery of internet computers truly changed everything around us and in a better way. Almost all major businesses and firms started their own websites and began connecting to various networks around the world and sharing information with everyone in the entire world. After the creation of various tools and techniques to maintain the websites and make them better. One of such services is Search engine optimization.

Need of SSL checker tool

It is basically a service through which you can increase the traffic on your website that simply means you can increase the number of users of your website. There are a number of tools available in this service with which you can maintain your website and even make it better. For instance, when we talk about the connections between the website visitor and web servers we know that it is not secure. Now, it is important to overcome this drawback and in order to do that SSL was created. SSL stands for secure sockets layer.

It was created to have a secure HTTP connection between the website clients and the webservers. It was basically used to encrypt and authenticate all kinds of communications happening over the internet at the transport layer of the network. SSL certificates where created for all kinds of websites and which would be installed on the web server hosting their various websites. Now, in order to check that weather the SSL certificate is properly installed in the particular website we needed a tool. One such tool which is used by SEOs and webmasters is SSL checker tool. It is basically used to check that the SSL certificates are properly installed in the website server or not.

How to use our SSL checker tool?

SSL is extremely important these days because not every network on the internet is secure. Online SSL checker tool that we provide basically uses the combination of public key and the symmetric encrypted key to form a secure connection between web server and the client on a public network. It runs on two types of layers they are network layer and transport layer. These two layers are mainly responsible for the transporting and routing data over a network. When various networks get connected to each other over the internet the SSL make sure that the connection which is established is secure and data can be transferred over it.

Advantages of using our SSL checker tool

The SSL checker that are providing is the easiest and the one of the handiest tool when it comes to checking the SSL certificate. It will also provide the information if your SSL certificate gets expired and you have to renew it. You can also check the working of the SSL certificate that you have. That is whether or not the certificate is providing security to your website and your clients. Also, with the help of our SSL checker tool you can perform a SSL server test.