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Search Engine Spider Simulator

Do you know how the search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing see your website when they crawl into every webpage? Yes, it's slightly different from your look. When any visitors see your website, he is only able to check the content on the webpage but cannot see the meta description and the number of links on that webpage. Whereas search engine sees the meta description, keywords, internal and external links.

This spider simulator tool is capable of showing the details which search engines look. Once you know about this basic information about your website it becomes quite easy to find out the flaws in the web pages and correct it.

What are all SEO components not shown in the results?

Search engines cannot see all the information which you are able to. Some of the information like content created using JavaScript, flash-based content; images and frames are not seen by the search engine.

When you are planning to get your website ranked well on the search engine you must have the similar view as of search engine. This SEO spider tool will offer those results within no time. It’s completely free and does not need any technical skills to use.

With the help of this amazing tool, you can easily check that whether the website pages are SEO friendly or not. If all the WebPages are visited properly by the search engine then you can get a good number of visitors.

How to use this SEO spider simulator tool?

It's very easy to use this tool, simply you need to enter or paste the website URL and push the “Check” button. The tool will get you the results instantly. The result will include:

  • Meta description, Meta title, and Meta Keywords
  • Some page content
  • Internal spider links
  • External spider links
  • Hyperlinks that is followed by the search engine

The above results of the spider search tool do not include the images, flash content and JavaScript content of the website because it's not visible to the search engine.

What is a search engine spider?

Search engines use bots which are termed as spiders which crawl in the websites available on the internet to arrange them in the search results list. The pages which the spiders scrawl are saved as index pages with the search engine. Once all the page of the website is indexed by the search engine it becomes very easy to show them in the search results. Google spider cannot see the complete content of the website rather is a crawl in the website with a set of keywords and list down the websites.

Why must you choose our Search Engine Spider tool?

When it comes to performing the SEO of the website webpage crawling is very much concerning factor and with the help of this spider search tool, you can easily analyze the crawl status and achieve good ranking on the search engine.

You may find various tools similar to this tool but our tool is quick and easy to use which saves time for the website owners and SEO professionals.