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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker

Those who manage one website or more websites have to check the server status regularly in order to have perfect functioning with the server. Here is the best tool for them to check at least 10 websites at a time. Even though if you are a normal user and face problem in connecting internet sometimes, you can use this amazing tool to check the status of the website whether you are able to connect properly or not.

If you run your own website it's very much important for you to keep a check on the status whether its up or down. Once you check that the website is down then you can immediately contact the hosting service provider and fix the issue. A website can down due to a number of reasons like hosting server do not have power back at some time, the connected router or switch fails, etc. The important point is website status is very much important so that visitors do not go with a bad impression with such bad condition of the website.

The Internet has billions of websites and possibilities are there that some of them may not work properly due to some other reason thus, the owner of the website must know the status of the server and our server status checker toolis the right one to help you.

What is the importance of server checker in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps any website to bring it on the front page of the search engine and that is achieved only when you monitor the website carefully and fix the issues instantly. During the process of SEO website is promoted on the internet in a technical way and if visitors come to know that website is not working properly then they will not return. Using this server status monitor tool will avoid getting into a big server problem. So, start using it and be free from status issues. 

How will you check the status of the website from our tool?

To check website server status through our tool, the user needs to enter the URL and push the “check now” button to see the results. You will get codes in your results. Here are meanings of the codes displayed:

  • 200 OK is good – The server connection is working fine
  • 301 Moved permanently – It means the URL is successfully moved and further inquiries will be directed to the new URL.
  • 302 Found – means the server has checked it as temporary redirection
  • 307 Temporary – its similar to 302 because of temporary redirection of the URL.
  • 400 Bad Request – Its means server could not recognize what you are searching.
  • 401 Unauthorized – Means server does not allow client access without authorization.
  • 403 Forbidden – Its means server will not display the content of the website because of the authentication.
  • 404 Not found – Its means that the file or website you are looking is not found on the internet.
  • 410 Gone – It's quite similar to 404 but it says that URL is right but does not exist now.
  • 500 internal Server Error – Means there is an issue with the server.

Now you can easily understand the codes of the website down checkerand get it fixed quickly in order to offer best surfing experience to your visitors.