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About Remove Duplicate Lines

Remove Duplicate Lines

Just as a plagiarism checker for copied content, remove duplicate lines is also a web tool for eliminating redundant or duplicate lines in a particular article or blog. However, editing of redundancy and duplicate content in the same sentence or line is not possible, but the same within two different sentences or lines shall be possible.

This online tool is mostly powered by Google, but there are also a couple of other sources which also support the similar kind of tool.

Online Remove Duplicate Lines also enables one to eliminate or get rid of unnecessary lines in a particular article. There is also an option to save or keep track of the lines that were removed or eliminated from the article. Editing very large size of files is not possible through the normal mode of the tool. There is a special option available for eliminating or removing duplicate lines from large sized text articles.

Remove Duplicate Lines online tool aims to remove and eliminate all identical lines present in the text article and churn out a fresh piece of text article to be saved. This tool is not only developed for the Windows interface but can also function in interfaces such as:

  • Linux
  • XML
  • Notepad++

This tool also can eliminate or remove repetitive or duplicate lines from a given set or list of lines.

The tool however cannot edit text which is entered in upper case, and an option is required in the tool which shall ignore the upper cases or capitalized words and edit the text article.

This is actually a programming tool which helps in cleaning duplicate or identical lines found in a particular text article.

This tool can also be called as Remove Duplicate Lines from Textas the text can be copied on a virtual notepad mainly supported by Windows as well as other interfaces such as Mac or Android. For the ease of eliminating or removing text duplicates from any files, merging most of the files into one large file is found to be convenient for text editing or elimination of redundant text in a file.

Some of the tools which are the third party in nature and shall help in eliminating duplicate lines of text in a particular article are:

Text Crawler, which enables removing duplicate lines from a text article by copying the text to a tool resembling that of a notepad and using an in built option for getting rid of the duplicate text.

Notepad++ is a tool which demands the requirement of additional plugins in order to be able to help in removing duplicate lines from the text article.

Duplicate Lines Remover does sound like a Nail Enamel Remover but does not resemble acetone in any case. It belongs or is sourced from a virus security company known as which also uses an interface similar to that of a notepad and eliminate duplicate lines of text from a particular text file.

These are some of the tools which help in eliminating duplicate text from a particular text article.