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About QR Code Generator

QR Code generator is a great tool for making the digital marketing goes more popular. The use of QR Codes has become very common in print, email and other social media platforms. You can see them everywhere from supermarket shelves to magazine covers. They are the best tool to facilitate an online transaction.

What is a QR Code?

Quick Response Code popularly known as QR Code is a kind of 2D Bar Code that allows an easy access to information by using the Smartphones. Basically, it is a modern extension of the traditional barcodes.  It looks like a black and white square blotch. It was Originally introduction in Japan to be used in the automotive industry but with the passage of time got worldwide recognition.

How does it work?

In order to fetch a piece of information from a QR code, the user makes the use of a smartphone, tablet or a computer with webcam. With the help of the device, the QR code is scanned. Apart from the stored data, there are certain identifiers also which help the QR code to be read correctly.

Why are they better than Bar Codes?

The QR codes can store more information than a normal barcode. They can even store URL links, geo coordinates and text. You can encode more than 4000 characters in a single barcode.

The most attractive feature of a QR Code is you do not have to use a hand-held scanner to scan it as a general smartphone is sufficient to scan a QR Code. Also, it can be scanned from any direction in the 360-degree angle. According to the predictions of the leading marketing experts, the QR Code will replace the traditional Bar Code completely in the upcoming decade.

How can you generate your QR Code?

For generating a QR Code, you need a QR Code generator. There are tons of accessible tools in the market for this. Once you are ready to generate a QR code, you are asked to select the type of content you want your customers to receive when they use the QR code. Then you have to attach the particular information. After that, you will be given the final preview and you are ready with your own QR Code. Once you get the QR code, you must try to use it on various devices in order to know whether it is working properly.

Our QR Code Generating Tool offers you QR code which is unique to your brand and compatible with all the common QR code readers. Here you also have the option of customization of the QR code according to your brand.

Why should you start making the use of QR Codes generator?

As we all know that number of smartphone users has increased to a great extent thus it has become important to start using special marketing technique for them. In order to make an effective effort for targeting this market segment, you need an offering like QR Code. It saves your time also and provides fast information to your customers.