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About Page Authority Checker

What is Page Authority?

Page authority is the scoring system introduced by Moz in order to tell the rank of a particular page of the website on the search engine. It scores from 1 to 100 with the prediction that higher the number, greater ability to rank in the search engine. SEO experts always seek for tools which can inform them about the PA and DA of the website. This Page Authority Checker tool will help them knowing webpage and domain reputation.

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority

If you are confused about both of these terms, then don’t worry we will clear it. Domain authority provides a ranking of the complete website domain whereas page authority informs ranking of any particular page of the website. PA can be termed as the predictive ranking measurement which tells you how strong the webpage is on the search engine.

With the help of this DA PA checker tool, you can check DA, PA, IP location, IP Address, Google Cache and Google Indexed status. It's completely free to use and does not need you to be a technical person to use it.

How can you improve Page Authority of the website?

As you are known about the importance of PA for any website so you may think about ways to improve it. Don’t worry we will help you in that. At first, you need to create a webpage in a high authority website. Once you created the webpage, add 100% unique and quality content to the webpage. Also, ensure that webpage is completely SEO optimized.

You should check Hyperlinks working properly. Try to get good quality incoming links to your webpage as much as you can and never forget to remove bad links. When High-quality links can improve the ranking so bad links can also drop it instantly.

How to use our Page authority Checker?

You may get a number of page authority and domain authority checker tools online but most of them are not trusted. Our tool is designed to provide a current update of the ranking on the search engine which will help webmasters to plan for better ranking. Its very simple to use this PA checker tool, you need to enter the URL of the webpage in the provided box and click on the ‘Check Authority’ button and get results within a second.

Earlier SEO experts have to waste lots of time in knowing current ranking as per the webpage so that they can implement other techniques, but now they can use this website pa da checker tool and save their time.

Why choose our PA checker tool?

You may see various PA checker tool are complex to use and need some time to provide results, but with our bulk pa checker tool, you can easily check PA and DA on the website. You are free to check up to 10 URL at a time from our tool.

With the help this tool you can easily concentrate on the SEO of the website and improve ranking on the search engines.