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About Open Graph Checker

Undoubtedly, this tool performs exceptionally. It performs checks over the tags on every page on the social graph. It also keeps the experience phenomenal on social networking sites. It is developed by the facebook in the year 2010. This tool aims at maintaining the authenticity of the tags because this helps websites to grow and create a business.

What is the need of open graph checker?

When your website is having open graph tags and you are willing to check them, there is a tool for this named open graph checker tool. The need of open graph checker occurs when you want to analyse your social sharing performance and bring about competitive advantage. That is why it is so much important to check the tags through open graph checker tool.

What are the open graph tags and implementation of it?

There are basically three tags on every page:

Og: title -title to your content should be very attractive, the defined characters for it is 60 to 90. It doesn’t count under the code of the website.

Og: image – when the website’s page open and shared, there is this image that shows with the thumbnail. It should be used because through this the conversion rate is high.

Og: description- the visitors find site impressive when the description tag is used properly as per the content. It is applied in hypertext markup language code of a website.

The implementation of the open graph tag is not a complex process. All you have to find a web developer. This developer will do it for you at the lowest price. And open graph checker is for free. So do not hesitate to use this tool to improve and upgrade your website. We are one of the leading companies to help our customers with all these activities.

The process of open graph checker tool

Uniform resource locator plays a vital role here. All you have to do is type the URL of the concern website page in the given space field. Then it moves to the automation mode, would take few moments and will show all the Meta tags, you can check them accordingly. This whole process required a highly efficient open graph check tool. SEO will not get affected by it, but certainly encounter discursively the performance of your website link on the social network.

What purpose it serves

It is actually keeping an eye over the tags and information which is getting transmitted through a third force’s website to a social media platforms and this happens with the help of open graph Meta tags in the code of the website. The open graph checker tool should be of good quality as it evaluates the web pages with minute details, so use the tool which has full-fledged techniques to satisfy the customer.

Dramatically one can see the difference between who uses open graph checker tool and who does not implement it. This tool assists in attracting more and more views and hits. Also, stand you out among others and deliver business.