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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool

A ping test is usually done to check whether the computer is connected to an internet network or not. This test also helps in determining the delay between the two computers, one running the ping test and the other one, server.

There are tools that help one with a ping online test, and people who are well versed with computers can run a ping test without any tools by entering the ping command on their computer and naming any website. There are four different results displayed and the result tells us the milliseconds the computer takes to exchange a packet with the website.

Interpreting Microsoft Windows Ping Test Results

The 4 messages returned in Microsoft Windows are; confirmation, size in bytes, time and time to live(TTL). TTL is a number ranging from 1-128, where 128 means that both the computers are on the same network. It indicates how many skips have been taken between the network to reach the server.

In case a connection cannot be established with the computer, the ping returns ‘request timed out’. If the hostname has been misspelled or does not exist on the internet, ping returns ‘cannot resolve

200-400 ms is considered average ping result time. Above 400 ms it’s poor time and under 200 ms it’s a good time.

The use of ping test online tools has increased these days. Websites managers prefer running a ping test to look for servers in their category of business. Managing a global network requires some efficient networks to share the load and hence, various web servers provide services to distinct categories of web servers hosting websites of those categories.

Databases of various website names and IP addresses are maintained by thousands of web servers since one or a couple of servers cannot handle the constant traffic on the internet. One enters the website they want to visit and the search engine passes the request to the nearest web server that has a database of the domain name and IP address. This server then contacts the hosting IP address server which then returns the information up the chain to the visitor.

Ping Website Tool

If you’re a website manager and want your website to stay visible, you need ping tools. Pinging each server under your category and checking the visibility of your website is impossible and that’s why you need utility and we have that excellent and reliable online ping tool for you to use, and it’s free.

To use this application find the ping website tool on our website. Once it opens, enter the URL address of your website. Now it’s the ‘category’ box, click on it and select a category of your website. Click on the ‘Ping Now’ button.

Now, the process will start pinging all the web servers and search engines linked to your website’s category. This process will take time and will ping your website from various web servers, and if it is successful, a message ‘thanks for the ping’ will appear in the result box.

After looking at the results, you can now say that your website is visible and connectable across the internet.