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About Network Speed Tester

Internet has become an essential part of the human being today, they cannot image a moment without internet connectivity. Moreover, invention of the smartphones has made the use the internet quite easy and handy. The internet used in the smartphones are provided by the cellular companies whereas the other devices like computer, laptop, tablets require internet connection which is been provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP).

How you can check the internet speed on your device? Its quite easy with our tool. But first lets know about the basic terminologies of the internet like download speed, upload speed and streaming.
Streaming: Streaming is similar to download but this data is not stored in any device. When you see a movie on your device online or a video on YouTube perform streaming which require a certain amount of bandwidth. User doesn’t have to download the movie or video just need to play the video on the internet.

Download: Download means the transfer of data from one location to another. It uses more data than streaming. Examples for downloads like games, files, emails, etc. which remain stored on your device.

Upload: Uploading is completely opposite task than downloading in which files or documents are been transferred from your device to the internet server.

Now, you are known about the terminology used to test the internet speed. With the help of our simple tool you can check all these information in one place.

Why it’s important to check the internet speed?

People often get into trouble when they connect number of devices and internet speed gets very low. Yes! Its basically due to the addition of devices. The more device you will connect the speed will be divided equally. In order to check whether your ISP is provided committed internet speed at your home, you must check with our Internet Speed testing Tool. The tool performs ping check and tells you the speed of the internet. If you find that only one device is connected and speed test shows low speed that means someone else is also sing your internet connection. There are certain other reasons of low internet speed as increase number of customers in a particular area. The bandwidth provided in your area is same but if the number of customer increases then it divides the bandwidth.

Network Speed Tester/InternetSpeed Tester?

This amazing internet speed tester tool is designed to provide complete information about the speed of the internet connection. To use this simple device you need to press the “Check” button and it will run.

Checking the internet speed helps to verify whether you are getting right speed or not. Once you come to know that internet speed is low you can check for the problems and get it fixed.

The webmasters and SEO experts must have right speed of internet in order to check website loading speed correctly and do other operations quickly. This tool can help checking your internet speed in seconds.

It’s time to check your internet speed from this one click tool!