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When it comes to talking about complete SEO of the website, only Link building is not enough but you need to have quality links on your website. Recently Google updated its algorithm due to which any bad link on your website can low the ranking in search results. This tracking link tool is designed to know the quality of link which directs to your website.

There was a time when SEO experts and webmasters used to think that the number of links to the website the more chances to improve the ranking on the search engine. Due to this myth, people began to buy spam links as much as they can. And Google analyzed these websites and observed as spam. Later Google blacklisted many of such websites.

After the recent update from Google, website owners have started focusing on the quality link building. The updates of quality links are not only made by Google but other search engines as well so that no website is ranked high with spam links. So, website owners can use our free URL tracker tool to check for the spam links and remove as early to maintain a good ranking.

There are certain websites which allow creating links with them but not all websites can make a link there. The webmaster of such websites only entertains same category and good quality websites to post a link on their website.

What are the types of links?

There are basically two types of links:

  • Internal Links
  • Backlinks

Internal Links: these links are used to connect pages of the same website. For example, if any visitor visits your website and like the different article on your website then that link is termed as an internal link. A website can have many internal links as they show the number of pages of the website.

Backlinks: links present on the website which sends you to another website is called as Backlinks. For an example you can visit the website of Wikipedia, many of the links on this website are Backlinks as they will take to another website.

Search Engines when crawl the website also check the links present on it while providing a ranking. If the links found broken or of low quality then it reduces the ranking of that website. It's highly recommended to webmasters to check the link status with our best link tracker tool and be free from link related issues.

How to use our free link tracker tool?

You do not have to be a purely technical person for using our track web link tool, just you need to enter your website URL and backlinks in the other box and click on “Track Now”. The tool will display the status instantly about the links on your website. You may get similar tools on the internet but our tool is quick and accurate in displaying the status.

Have a safe website

Google is one the most preferred search engine and our tracking URL tool provides the accurate status of the links through Google tracking URL tool. So, keep a track of your backlinks and keep your website safe from spam links.