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Know About Link Analyzer Tool and Its Benefits

Link Analyzer Tool is an efficient online tool that helps in analyzing the complete link profile and finds the web page sources that is helpful to generate links. Links with great content generate high-value traffic. However, this tool is used to analyze links on only one page. For each link that is found by link analyzer tool provides source code, URLs, and information. At a time, this tool can be used in the analysis for links on only one page. An audit of a deeper link is required to do the analysis for individual web pages and only separately. And at the same time, it also divides incoming as well as outgoing links into an URL.

Role of link analyzer in SEO

The role of this link checker tool is abundant in SEO. It helps to find out how the number of internal as well as outgoing links is being correlated. However, for any website to be effective, a large number of outbound links may not be useful. Hence, it is advisable to monitor the correlation between outgoing links and internal ones.

Moreover, it is one of the most effective SEO tools that includes the information about the no-follow tags and main text used. It is also useful while researching multiple sites when they link to you.

How Can Webmasters Benefit From This Free Link Analyzer Tool?

Link Analyzer tool, also known as website link checker generates a complete link analysis report in the form of a table for easy determination of the ratio between internal and external links of any website. This tool can also be used in a very smart way. Most of the intelligent online marketers are making money by providing complete link analysis report to their clients.

This online link checker breaks down the outgoing and incoming links of any URL of a website. It provides complete information on external links, internal links, does follow links and no follow links. Just type the URL of the site and enter. This tool will crawl the site and will provide the detailed analysis of the report.

This URL checker will show the following:

  • Total number of links found on the webpage.
  • Number of internal links on the webpage.
  • Number of external links on the webpage
  • Number of no follow and do follow links on the webpage

With the help of this link, one can easily find out the dead links and can remove it in order to improve the quality of the page. This is beneficial for the website, as it can help with search engine optimization. As this tool is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization, one needs to be very precise for the number of links directed to the website. When it comes to SEO, a proper analysis of incoming as well outgoing links will help reap the benefits. Though, there are several SEO tools over the internet, but, this is the most effective one.

Thus, to conclude, if you are looking for in-depth link audit, this would be more helpful.