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Maintain the Density of Keyword and increase Page Rank with Keyword Density Checker

Whenever someone searches something on Google, they only see the ranking. No one sees that there are hundreds and thousands of pages that have been filtered to get the topmost ranking. If you are in dilemma about what is the reasonable density level, then, you must consider the following:

  • Look for the targeted keyword in Google.
  • Grab five keywords of top ranked pages from the search results.
  • Lastly, analyze each of them using this tool.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density as the name signifies is the percentage calculated depending upon the number of instances a keyword is inserted into the content divided by the total number of word count. It is the main perspective to determine the main focus keyword for a specific content. In order to rank well in Search Engines.

The role of keyword density checker is to crawl the provided URL, extract the text, remove the common stop words and then, finally analyze the keywords density. This is one of the most popular SEO tools helps in analyzing the density of keywords from web pages and includes a tag cloud of the most important keyword. As soon as you enter an URL, this Google keyword tool immediately extracts the number of keywords that are present in the webpage body. After then, it will automatically calculate the frequency of occurrence for, one, two and three-word phrase combination. Based on that, the density is calculated.

This keyword density checker has been proven useful when:

  • You are performing keyword research of competitor site. It will extract the most used keywords and keywords phrases by entering the URL.
  • It will check whether the page is over optimized and vulnerable to specific parts of Google algorithms like Panda update.
  • It will get a quick overview of keyword usage.

Importance of keyword density for SEO

When it comes to rank pages, Keyword Density is just a very small factor. Moreover, it is important to use focus keywords inside on page elements like H1, Title tag, alt tag, Meta description as well as internal links.

In order to get useful keyword usage report, this tool will do following:

  • The title tag, Meta description, and Meta keyword tag are removed from keyword statistics.
  • The comment section starting with Id #comments is removed.
  • And finally, all English stop-words are removed.

Thus, using this keyword density tool, you will not only fix mistakes but, will also make appropriate corrections after identifying mistakes.

What is the best / ideal keyword density?

The best keyword density relies upon the perfect content length. An inquiry by numerous and fortunately replied by few. There is no correct response to this inquiry since everything relies upon the content you’re expounding on. A few subjects perfect for long content form and a considerable measure of related keywords and equivalent words. Then again, you have the topics that are best presented with a conservative bit of content and a higher redundancy of similar watchwords. The best exhortation on this subject is composing common and for human clients rather than PCs calculations and crawlers.