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Image Optimizer

Add up to 10 multiple image files
(Size Limit: 2MB per file | Supported Formats: JPEG & PNG)

About Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer

The Image Optimizer is an online tool which facilitates resizing, compressing and optimizing the image files of a certain user.

This online tool makes it easier for uploading images on web pages, sending attachments via email and also storing image files on storage devices.

It is absolutely free of cost and does not charge for working upon image files.

Some of its key features are:

  • Fast in speed
  • Compression facility for images in bulk
  • Time saving feature for uploading images
  • Also saves time when the images are downloaded at the other end
  • Free of any cost

The Online Image Optimizer also has a professional version which does not include any watermarks on the optimized images and includes every feature that the free version has. This can approximately cost twenty nine pounds.

It is the sole discrimination of the user as to which version is required for their usage.

The Free Online Image Optimizer can deal with images of various qualities and optimize them. These qualities include:

  • Very small sized image files
  • Small sized image files
  • Normal image files
  • High quality image files and Best quality image files

However, the image optimizer compresses the image files like that of JPEG, PNG or GIFs up to an approximate of 2.86 MB. This enables the image to be uploaded on the web page without any hassle.

Some of the Free Image Optimization Tools provide certain modes in which the image can be compressed by its quality, width and height. These tools however do not affect the quality of the images.

The tool has a drop box where the images need to be dragged and dropped to be optimized. Most of these tools are compatible with interfaces like:

  • Web
  • WordPress
  • API
  • Plugins like Magento
  • Cloud storage

Some of the subscriptions for working on these interfaces are:

  • Five dollars per month for images up to 500 MB, charges of five dollars for every additional gigabyte
  • Nine dollars per month for images up to a value of 2 GB, charges of four dollars for every additional gigabyte used
  • Nineteen dollars per month for images ranging to 5 GB, accumulates a charge of three dollars for every additional gigabyte
  • Thirty nine dollars per month for images valuing to 15 GB, two dollars for every additional gigabyte of images
  • Seventy nine dollars per month for image quantity of 60 GB and a charge of one dollar for every additional gigabyte used

Image optimization tools also function on interfaces like that of Windows, Mac, or Android. Some of the best image optimization tools as per research are:

  • JPEG Optimizer
  • Optimizilla
  • Image Recycle
  • CompressNow
  • Trimage
  • Online Image Optimizer
  • Tiny PNG
  • Resize Photos
  • GiftOfSpeed
  • JPEGmini
  • Compress.Photos
  • Convert Image
  • PNGGauntlet

Many of these have their paid as well as free versions for users. These tools help in compressing images of small and normal sizes without affecting the quality resolutions such that the data of the user is not affected by any means along with saving time in doing so