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About HTML Compressor

HTML Compressor tool is the most adaptable tool in order to compress CSS and other languages. It is unique service capable of minimizing JavaScript combined with PHP. It is java library that is very simple and fast which is used to reduce the size of HTML or XML files by removing unneeded comments, spaces, and characters while not disturbing the structure of the content. As a result, the size of the page reduces and will be faster in fetching the page requested.

When a user browses and visits the particular web page, they will view the web page using HTTP protocol. After user sending a request to the browser, the browser requests the web server for a particular web page now it is server responsibility to search for the page, when the server finds the page then it sends the content to the user's browser. This is all done by Online HTML compressor.

As this HTTP protocol supports compression, so the web server compresses the page to be sent to the browser before transferring to the user's browser by using HTML compressor tool. Now the user's browser decompresses the data to original form making it convenient to the browser. There are more options like not to compress head of the HTML document. If a java script code is written in the head of the HTML file, excluding it from compressing is the better solution as compressing it may stop proper functioning of JavaScript.

This process happens within the system which is not visible to the user. The online HTML compression tool saves space in files of HTML and makes them more compressed by this process:

  • Removes text line breaks from code
  • Replacing with single spaces when there is double space
  • By removing tab spaces

For a website or service that needs a lot of space or bandwidth, HTML compressor tool is of best use as this tool helps in saving more space and thereby money.

This HTML compressor is absolute, the Absolute HTML Compressor is an optimizer that reduces the size of the document which is the most wanted feature for any person who is maintaining blogs, websites etc. its special feature is not to corrupt the actual data or its functioning. As it takes care of extra content present in the page like spaces, unwanted characters etc. the main features of Absolute HTML compressor tool are:

Documents that are compressed are displayed without any change in functioning and script being originally present.

Compression can be done for the entire folder or individual files.

Backup files may be created.

This absolute HTML Compressor is best used by people having large HTML files to upload. Although sometimes this compressor makes original content well-organized, there may be some loss of data after text editing. It is preferable to have a backup file of the file being compressed. The best part is that there will be no change in the structure of the HTML file as it looks same as the original file.