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Get source code of webpage

The technique of deriving the source code of a particular website is to actually see the code of the web. And the best part is, that every browser allows it to be seen and discovered. The keyboard shortcut for viewing the website source code is:


Importance of viewing the website source code

Beneath all the gorgeous and digitized content of a particular website, lies the code of the particular website. The webpage code is the basic reason the website performs for a seamless and perfect experience for its viewers or users and the performance of the webpage.

Search engines such as Bing or Google analyze this codes and categorize the websites in a particular index according to the search jargons used. As also from a particular webpage source code, one can also verify whether the particular webpage is optimized for the search engine and can easily be searched through a specific jargon or a keyword.

Source code viewer

The source code viewer enables one to detect the actual code of the web and a particular browser enables one to view the code acting as the source code viewer.

Some of these browsers supporting and acting as a website source code viewer are:


  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL+U

Internet Explorer

  • Keyboard shortcut Option+Command+U

Google Chrome

  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL + U


  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL + U


  • Keyboard shortcut Option + Command + U

As also title tags are necessary for a particular website to show up on the toolbar of the search engine, but for websites hiding off their title tag, their web page code can also reveal their titles to a particular viewer.

It is then noticed that the words typed into the toolbar of a particular search engine, are the same as the titles of the blogs or sites that pop up as the search result.

The search engines then read or code these as keywords for the particular webpage. Hence it is mandatory, that the subject matter of the website or blog be mentioned in the title tag such that the visibility or engagement on a particular webpage or blog is boosted.

Some of the important guidelines for including title tags are:

 At least include one title tag on one web page that is to maintain 1 as to 1 ratio.

 Include a title tag on every page of the website and  Check that every title tag is unique and is not duplicated or redundant on the website

Hence, these are some techniques to search and find source code of website and the importance of a particular website source code.

It is also important to include a short description or meta-data of at least 160 characters which also acts as a supporting agent in boosting up of the website or content on the web.

These are some of the important factors which are helpful in deriving the source code of a particular webpage as well as the importance of the code.