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About Bulk GEO IP Locator

Bulk GEO IP Locator:

Geo monitoring has become very common these days. A set of satellites and mobile telephone towers helps in determining the exact location of an IP Address. You must use a GEO IP locator tool to know where an IP address is located. A computer terminal's geographic location can be discovered by using the terminal's IP Address. By using a GEO IP locator tool, you can locate the place i.e. city or town where the particular pc is located, but it cannot pinpoint the exact place. To get the exact location of an IP Address, you may need to use additional resources. Some databases keep full records of IP addresses. To pinpoint an exact place of an IP address gps the latest generation Mobile technology has to be used.

For any blogger or Internet Business owner, to know where the bulk of your website's traffic is coming from would be a great help. This will help to focus on selling them products that they require and will suit them.

A GEO IP locator will only inform you the city/town wherein an IP is located. But we may not completely relay on this, at sometimes that results can be misleading. If a user is hiding behind a proxy server and using an IP address provided by this proxy server that user is using, you will never know where the actual user/IP is located.

If a user used any server other than a proxy server, then you can always track the IP Address to the correct location. You can trace the IP address location by using many applications available on the internet these days. All these sites maintain databases of IP addresses of users.

Bulk GEO IP Locator Applications:

There are many applications where you can get many benefits by using GEO IP Locator.

  • By using GEO IP Locator, You can design your marketing strategies as a internet Marketer. Once you know from which place/town/city majority of your visitors are located, you can target them easily. Very large and renowned organizations use this GEO IP Locator tool to design different marketing strategies for customers located in different geographical locations.
  •  Many of e-Commerce Business uses this tool to track their customers.
  • GEO IP locator tool can also be used in satellite navigation systems. For example a navigation system in your car, it tracks your current location and tells us the way to reach the exact destination. It’s a Handy tool to Track any IP address that you needed at any time.