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 Before discussing Free Proxy List and when to use it, you must be asking “What is Proxy list?” so, let's discuss first what the word “Proxy” implies. It is a computer jargon. In simple words to understand, a proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediately between a user’s computer and the internet. 

When you (generally referred to as a user) connect your computer to the internet, this is what happens. To connect your computer to the internet you might be using a Wi-Fi modem or a cable. Your Wi-Fi modem is connected to a server that is connected to the internet. Now the computer that connects via your Wi-Fi to the internet is a proxy server. It is acting as an intermediate to connect you to the internet.

Large organizations have their internal networks and own proxy servers to connect them to the other networks like the internet.  

Sometimes you might be in a situation, not to access internet connection, in that case, you might use your mobile connected to its service provider, you turn the “Hot spot” feature on your mobile phone and use it as a modem to connect your computer to the internet. In this case, your mobile phone service provider’s internet server acts as a Proxy Server. 

There are very few Free Proxy lists Available over the internet.


The main use of the Proxy server is simply to “hide the identity of the user.” You can easily find an anonymous free proxy server list by searching over the internet. 

Some websites have banned in particular areas where the user resides, in that case in order to access those websites, these Free proxy lists are useful. In this case, the user can search for a free proxy server list or working proxy list at our site, and use it to access the banned websites. 

Another popular reason why proxy servers have more popularity is that multiple users use the internet at the same time. If you use the wi-fi model in your home, and several people are using the internet simultaneously, the server serving your requests will be the “proxy server”.

Organizes that do business mainly with the internet, like internet service providers and web hosting companies set up their own proxy servers with extra capacity. These companies sell unutilized capacity to the users. 

If a user wants to visit websites that are not accessible or banned in their region, he or she can easily find proxy server service providers who will hide their original IP address with a fake IP address. Those restricted websites use proxy servers to help users hide their identity and surf the internet without any restrictions.

Proxy servers are also well known becasue these are used by the Hackers. Because hackers don’t want to reveal their Ture identity. In fact, they hop from one proxy server to another while carrying out their activities.  

The illegal groups like terrorists will also use these proxy servers to hide their identity so that they can spread their propaganda. 


There are some reasons why proxy servers are so popular and you should use them.

  • To hide your IP Address

  • To speed up your internet

  • To share internet connections

  • To access restricted websites

  • To scan and save your outgoing documents or files. 

Internet service providers, Government organizations, Businesses, and others use proxy servers. 

Proxy servers are mandatory for internet service providers to provide their customers with fast internet.

We at, update free proxy servers list very frequently every day. Visit us whenever you require a proxy server to find the fresh one.


If you want to find the best Free proxy list for your daily use, we at provide the list for you. 

Here are the simple steps that you have to do. 

  • Visit

  • Search for “Proxy List”

  • You will see the following image

  • Then select the free Proxy IP Address based the country you need

In case you use it regularly, bookmark this link So that you can use it easily. 


There are four types of proxy servers which are explained below. 

  1. Anonymous proxy: This type of proxy identified itself as a proxy server as the name indicates. But will not disclose its IP Address. 

  2. High Anonymity Proxy: This type of proxy will neither identify itself as a proxy server nor will it disclose its IP address.

  3. Transparent Proxy: This type of proxy server will identify itself and will make the original IP address available through the HTML header code.

  4. Distorting proxy: This server will identify itself as a proxy server but will display a wrong IP address in the HTML headers.

You should know the instructions in the search browser before using the proxy server on your computer. Other than the IP address of the proxy server you are using, you should also know the port through which you can connect and use it. 

You should be aware that, there is a certain amount of risk involved while using the proxy servers as they never disclose who owns it and operates.

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