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About Flag Counter

Flag Counter Widget is a most appealing counter you must involve it to enhance your blog.

Professional flag counters with just single line of HTML code. Flag Counters are very quick, exciting, dependable, and top of all and free of cost.

How tool works

Flag Counter provides free flag counter widget that anybody can simple able to incorporate to their website, blog or personal web page. Once it has been some addition the counter then begins including visitors, all new visits involve to the visitor count following to respective flag. The counter is completely personalized, users can alter the number flags presented, flag columns, title, contextual color, text color and border color.

The exact number of visitors from all nations and states is also exposed next to the flag. Taping on the counter tells all extra information like visitor distribution on a pie chart, flag map and entire page views for every country.

Where to use


It's just easy to install the widget. Let’s go to the next steps:

Start downloading, unfasten “FLCounter” library and place the 'flcounter' folder to wordpress plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/).

Trigger the plugin from the Plugins menu in WP-admin panel.

Tap ‘FLCounter’ on the left side in WP-admin panel to fine-tune limits.

Make use of Appearance » Widgets to put widget at sidebar or use distinct template code [flcounter] to put the widget into a page or post.


You can fine-tune several factors to fit the widget best for your site.

Fix right width from 120 pixels to 320 pixels.

Fix correct columns and rows number.

Select text color, border color, background color for the widget.

Choose time for visitors to show.

Choose special parameters to show: country code, page views, countries count.

How to use

If you need to include Flag Counter in your blog so, you need to selection settings for Flag counter and you should go to Get your Flag Counter and from there you need to copy the code "Code for Websites".

You can also incorporate free Flag counter to any website, it's only an image. Each time somebody from a new country goes your site, a new flag will be incorporated to your counter. The total number of visitors from every country will be presented next to the flag, and taping the counter image will tell all types of useful information.

Flag counter is graded number one in our point of view. It is highly consistent to count up to 99% of all your visits, the support is approachable and the personnel are very laborious. Most of visitor counters will place weird countries such as Christmas Island (for instance) as unidentified, or also Vatican City, but we promise you flag counter will get it appropriate. Many flag collectors gather on flag counter, and the style created there.