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Find DNS records

DNS records are the ones which use their records to relate a domain or sub domain to a particular Internet Protocol address. This record which is used to relate a domain or sub domain to a particular IP address is known as an ‘A’ Record. And allocating a certain value to an A record is as easy as allocating a certain IP address to a certain DNS management panel.

There are twelve types of DNS records:

  • A record: These records shall relate to IPv4 IP address like that of
  • AAAA records: These records shall relate to IPv6 address which involves a hundred and twenty eight bit address like that of fe80:226:18ff:fed3:cc2a
  • CNAME records: These records relate one host to the other through the names of the host and hence are known as CNAME records.
  • MX records: These records relate to mail servers when emails are sent to a particular email address.
  • NS records or name server records are those records which reply or answer a query against a particular name of a domain.
  • SOA or Start of Authority records
  • RP records or the responsible person records
  • TTL or time to live records
  • SPF or sender policy framework records
  • TXT records
  • DNSKEY records
  • Regional Authorities and

DNS check

For checking the DNS, various tools are available online as having and maintaining a strong DNS. The DNS check enables one to verify whether the domain name has been set up accurately or not and hence should function properly.

The DNS check also enables checking the sturdiness of the DNS servers through the domain name used and correct the domain name for any mistakes occurring in functionality of the domain and its server.

The DNS checks involve various colored signals which signify whether the server and domain connection is secure to operate efficiently.

A green colored signal signifies that the test has achieved a seamless connection between the domain and the server.

A red colored signal signifies that the test includes loads of errors and requires repairs.

An amber colored signal initiates that the test includes a lot of warnings.

And a grey colored signal initiates that the test has not been performed at all.

DNS lookup online

A DNS lookup online tool helps in locating a certain domain name, and if the domain name does not show up properly, the domain name has errors and shall require repairs to be undertaken to perform accurately.

DNS record lookup

A DNS record lookup enables one to search the domain name of a certain website and hence helps one to derive whether the domain name has been accurate or has errors even after passing a DNS record test.

For the same, there are many tools which are available online for looking up the domain name and testing it on the system.

Domain names are very sensitive, and even the slightest spelling error shall create an additional errr to be found or looked up through an online tool or a DNS record.