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Email Privacy

Email Privacy involves keeping spam mails and mailers away from the inbox or mailbox and hence safekeeping the email services whether a Gmail, Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo or Rediff.

There are some privacy policies which exist for emails and not every mail user can send mails to a particular mail address. For example: an individual mail address cannot send mails to a mail address of a certain organization’s mail id formed out of the organization’s intranet due to the company’s privacy policies with regard to their email.

Google for its Gmail services provides various privacy features such as for accessing a particular application such as Youtube or Google Play, one needs to authenticate through their email addresses, or the accesses are denied thereof, hence safeguarding the privacy of a certain user.

Gmail also has the feature of a profile for its mail users such that only related information is shared and not all the personal information is up for sharing.

As also many individuals receive an authentication mail, if the email address is accessed from another device or gadget such as to make sure the user is safeguarded from viruses and hackers.

As also a certain IP address can also be located through a certain email if there is a major hacking into a certain system.

As also server logs or history shall maintain records of the time as to when one logs into their email accounts, such that forgery or frauds can be eliminated from the system through emails.

Secure email

Some of the secured email service providers according to research have been listed as follows:

  • Hushmail mail services use encrypted passwords for safeguarding the email accounts of their users.
  • Runbox initiates encryption at both, the user as well as the server end.
  • Mailfence uses an end to end encryption strategy for its users which is also known as Open or public encryption.
  • ProtonMail is the mail service which also deciphers an end to end encryption without revealing or disclosing information to any third party.
  • Tutanota is yet another open source mail service which includes end to end ecryption for its mailing services.
  • is a Berlin based mailing service provider which involves end to end encryption.
  • Kolab Now also uses end to end encryption for its users
  • Countermail is a unique mail service using a USB key for its users to access their email accounts along with end to end encryption.

These are some of the trusted service providers for catering to an encrypted email service.

Privacy email services

Privacy email services are important such as to safeguard the personal as well essential data related to work by hackers or cyber fraudsters and are prime to store in essential data to avoid theft of data.

Email secure server

A secured server is required for helping in supporting effective email services along with privacy and security which shall be encrypted for the same.

Webmail is an online service provider which helps in creating email accounts for various domains. Which are encrypted, privacy ensured and safeguard the intellectual properties of the users.