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Domain to IP converting tool is very useful for those people who like to track visitors commenting on their website or blog. You just need to enter the domain name of that visitor and get the details like the country he belongs to and IP address. This tool not only helps you in detecting the location and IP address of the domain but also provide an option to convert domain in to IP address.

Benefits of converting domain to IP address

When you enter the domain in the address bar of the browser to visit the website, it directly hits the IP address of that domain. The IP address is computer understanding language and reaches you from one website using IP addresses only. Those who perform SEO on their website, this tool can be very useful for them. Search Engine Optimization is a process of promoting the website to make it rank higher in the search engine and this domain IP lookup tool will assist website owner for better optimization. Most of the visitors commenting on the website may be normal but there may be some of them who want to contact you for service.

Why our domain to IP tool is beneficial?

We with our specialized domain to IP tool assures you for accurate and quick results in terms of locating the visitor and help to get IP from domain. It’s very simple to use this tool to obtain IP address on your screen within a second. You can also get domain name from IP address. The tool provides results which are error free and does not provide any type of harm to the website.

The tool provides information like IP domain name, contact details; etc can be considered in running SEO campaigns. You can easily detect the irrelevant links getting on your website which are affecting the ranking on the search engine. Once you get these irrelevant links you can remove them for better ranking and higher speed.

Google does not permit pornography links on the website so if you come across such links or comments on your domain, it's better to delete them as soon as you can unless Google may ban your website.

How to use our domain to IP address converting tool?

Our tool is available here and is completely free to use and you can search many domains without any trouble. The tool is designed to serve many visitors at a time.  No matter at what time you check the DNS, IP address, domain, it's always ready to check for you.

To use the tool you need to put the URL of the website and push check button in order to see the results. There are various other tools available online but this one is the best among them. You do not have to register for checking the domain. The information provided by the tool is 100% correct as our expert developers have examined the tool many times for accuracy.

Now, you don’t have to struggle to find the IP address of the visitor, just insert the domain and get the location and other details with a single click.