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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority?

There are lots of websites on the internet, some are best and some are chasing them to be the best. Now, you may think that how to know which website is best and which is average? Yes, we have the answer that is ‘Domain Authority’. It is also called as DA which is a statistical measure from number 0 to 100 and help to define any website reputation. This measurement technique is introduced by SEOmoz, commonly known as Moz. The number determines the rank of any website on the search engine.

Difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority

Page Authority (PA) is similar to the domain authority but it only determines the ranking of a single page of the website whereas domain authority provides a ranking of the complete website domain and subdomain.  To know the page authority and domain authority of any website, you must have a domain checker tool. This is best DA Checker tool from which you can check page details like DA, PA, Moz Rank, IP address, IP location and Google Indexed and Google Cached. All these information are obtained within a second. These details not only help to know the DA rank but also help to know which all pages are been indexed by the search engine.

Domain Authority Vs Trust Flow

As you are already aware of the Domain Authority and now let’s know about Trust Flow. Its is quite a similar DA but rather than informing about the domain ranking it helps in telling how trustworthy a website is. Both these factors are very much important for the SEO experts and webmasters so that they can work on the improvement of the DA and trust flow. This Moz da checker tool saves lots of time of the webmasters in knowing the reputation of the website in seconds.

How can you increase Domain Authority?

Once you know the actual reputation of the website from the domain rank checker tool, a webmaster will be curious to know how to increase the DA of the website. It's true that SEO is the important process to improve the website reputation and rank but there are two parts in the SEO those are Off-page and On-page. To improve the DA of any website, SEO expert must focus on On-page SEO optimization as it will let the search engine easily track the website and all its pages and finally achieve good ranking.

How to use this bulk domain authority checker tool?

Our tool can also be said as bulk domain authority checker as it is capable of checking up to 50 domains at a time and shows results instantly. Just you need to enter the website URL or paste in the box given above and click on the ‘Check Authority’ button. You will get the DA, PA and other details of your website.

You may get various domain authority checker tool on the web, but not all provide quick results and accurate rankings. The designers of our tool assure that it informs current ranking on the website or webpage so you can trust on our DA checker tool.