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Domain age checker: A must use tool for webmasters

There are millions of websites available today on various search engines. When you search a particular thing on these search engines, the large number of results come up. This is because nowadays almost all the businesses and enterprises, both large and small are available online and have created their own website. So, the question arises who decides which website will come first in any particular search?

The answer to the above-asked question is search engine optimization. SEO is the process of manipulating the online visibility of any particular webpage or website in a search engine. It works on the simple logic that is, the more a website flashes on the search engine’s result list, more will be the traffic or the number of visitors on that particular website. And these visitors can thus be converted into potential customers. There are various tools available through which search engine optimization can be done. One such tool is website age checker.

So, to check the age of any website you need to check the age of its domain. For this, you need a domain age checker. Many webmasters and SEOs believe that older age of any domain signifies that it will be having a better ranking on the search engine. This theory is debatable as many other members of the web community don’t believe in it. Let’s consider both advantages and disadvantages of checking a domain age.

Advantages of old domain age

  • Old domain performs better on a search engine because they have got some quality backlinks. Almost every search engine examines some backlinks of websites and if the links have better and dominant sites associated with them, they get a better rank on the search engine.
  • Some old domains have already established a good name in the market. It is a big benefit from establishing a new domain name and then making a good mark takes the huge amount of time. Rather than having a new domain you can you go online and check domain’s age with the help of domain name age checker and enjoy a good start in the market.
  • Also, existing domains might have a good ranking on a search engine. With the help of a website, domain age checker, you can easily identify the rank of the domain.
  • Apart from these benefits, an established and aged domain will be having a good traffic. If the traffic on a website is good that means it has an ample number of visitors, which in turn means more customer and good business.

Perks of using a domain age checker tool

One of the biggest and most important reasons for using a domain age calculator is that it helps you know the age of your domain free of cost. Once you get to know the age of your domain you can get the idea of where your website stands in terms of the number of visitors on a search engine. Also, you will be getting detailed information about the domain such as the date on which it was created, IP address, update, and expiration date, the name of the servers etc.