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About Class C Ip Checker

Class C Ip Checker

Each and every device connected to the network of the internet have a unique address. This address is called as IP address i.e. Internet Protocol Address. This address helps anyone to locate the location of the device very easily. The IP address is basically a 32-bit binary address that includes the address of the network and host. It is arranged in four sets of numbers from 0 to 255 and separated by a decimal (.)

What are IP address classes?

IP address basically has five classes:

Class A – In class A, the first bit of the address is set as 0. It leaves seven bits for other network address parts. It ranges from – which means total 128 network numbers can be there.

Class B – class B address contain first bit as 1 and second bit as 0 which signifies that 16,384 networks can be allocated for this class. It ranges from –

Class C – class c IP address has first two set as 1 and third as 0 that means 2,097, 152 network numbers can be given to this class. It ranges from –

Class D – In Class D address, the first bit is set as 1, the fourth bit as 0. Its used for multicasting applications and ranges from –

Class E – this class address is given for testing and experimentation purpose. 

What is C class IP address?

Both classes A and B are given to medium and large organizations whereas Class C is assigned to the small companies. Medium and small size Internet Service Provider buy a pool of Class C IP address after that they give to their customers. Due to this distribution of the IP address, Internet has become cheaper. When any user is inactive on the internet then his IP can be assigned to another person also.

You can easily understand from the example of your home wifi. When you turn on the wifi and 5 devices are connected all five will have different IP address but when you disconnect yourself from wifi and add another person to it, your IP address will be given to him. This dynamic facility of class c network address benefits people in using the internet.

There are certain issues faced in Class C IP address in terms of website but internet service provider always focuses to provide secured service to the customers. Also, they ensure to give virus-free network so that customers can use it without any fear.

How to use c class IP checker tool?

If you have recently purchased a web hosting service for your blog or website, you can know which all other websites are sharing same Class C IP address. As its very obvious that your website has been under Class C address and often share the IP address with other websites. C class IP hosting providers try to provide secured IP address to avoid inconvenience but it's your responsibility to keep a check for better working of the website.

To use the c class checker tool simply you need to enter the domain of the website and after you click “Check”, the tool will display the IP address with the Hostname. Our IP check online tool is free to use and can check up to 20 domains at one time.