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Change Text Case

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About Change Text Case

Change Text Case

To change the text case, text case converter that is a feasible web application to change the text case in easier and faster way by providing options such as upper case, lower case, sentence case, title case. This tool is designed for people who have no idea of writing capitalization where ever needed. There are many online change text case tools available.

Uses of case converter:

Some editing software tools are lacking in this change text case tool that got many options that are advantageous, some of which are:

  • It has got an option of capitalizing all the first letters of a phrase.
  • Saves the time of checking text case errors.
  • Converts all selected text from lower case to upper case.
  • Helps in correcting the incorrect capitalization.
  • Converts all the selected text to lower case instantly.
  • By converting the document into plain text, helps in formatting unwanted elements.

There are few websites that provide free access to the change text case tool such as:


This easy to use online change text case tool is designed to convert text case to any form as Lowercase, Uppercase, and Sentence case. This tool can convert heaps of data into the required case and can be easily copied and paste into your document.

It allows correcting the capitalization errors and case sensitive errors. There are different options available after clicking on the website such as:

  • The proper case is the option that allows editing text by making all the first letters of the selected text to capital letters.
  • Lowercase allows making all the text selected to lower case, irrespective of the format.
  • The upper case makes the selected text to upper case.
  • Sentence case helps in capitalizing the start letter of the sentence to capital.