Get upto 100% Cashback on Ipage hosting | Get Free Domain + Hosting

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Get upto 100% Cashback on Ipage hosting | Get Free Domain + Hosting

10/23/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Web hosting

Free, who does not like free things? In this article you will get to know how to get the Ipage hosting for free!!

get up to 100% free hosting

If anyone thinks to start a blog or to get their business online, hosting is one of the expensive things that you need to consider. There are many companies which provides hosting services but among them Ipage provides hosting for cheap price with quick customer support.

You can read the honest review of Ipage hosting here . The review contains all the ipage hosting plans, pricing, pros, cons and suggestions.

Here comes the question how to get the Ipage hosting for free?? SEO TOOL STACK provides you this offer. It’s very simple and hassle free process to get ipage hosting for free. It is just 6 simple steps process which you need to follow.

Steps to get Ipage hosting for free:

Step 1: visit Ipage website from SEOToolStack

Step 2: choose the hosting plan which ever suitable for your needs.

Step 3: Pay the bill through credit card/net banking/Paypal

Step 4: send your hosting details like username, hosting plan, website name or domain name to our mail Id  [email protected]

Step 5: we will confirm your details within 48 hours.

Step 6: That’s it.. get your money back through paypal.

**Read FAQ for more details**

Simple right!! These are the simple 6 steps that you need to follow to get your Ipage hosting for free!!

Read FAQ to get more information on this offer.

It would be a limited time offer. So Hurry to get your Ipage hosting for free!!


  1. What is SEO TOOL Stack?

         SEO TOOL STACK is a single point destination for all your SEO needs. It is a portal where you will all SEO tools for free.

  1. How to get Cashback/Reward?

         It’s Very simple. Just follow the above SIX STEPS to get your cash back.

  1. How much cash back I will get?

         The money you get as cash back is different for different hosting plans. See the following table to know the cash back details.

Hosting plan Maximun Cashback
 Shared/ VPS Hosting  35USD
WordPress Hosting 40USD
Dedicated Hosting 50USD



  1. When will I get cashback?

         From the date of your purchase, within 60 days you will get your cash back.

  1. Is the Offer valid for international purchases?

         Yes, you can can buy Ipage hosting from anywhere in this world.

  1. Where does Cashback come from?

         When you shop at iPage through SEOToolStack, iPage pay us a commission. We pass most of this amount on to you as Cashback.

  1. Why does Cashback take so long to confirm?

         We need to confirm your details in our data base which will take 48 hours to update. 

  1. How do I withdraw my balance?

         You will get Cashback to your verified Paypal account.

  1. What are the minimum withdrawal limits?

         There is no minimum limit to get your money back. Just one purchase is enough to get your money back.

  1. How do I enquire about the status of my Cashback?

         Mail us at for more details about Cash Back. Keep Subject of the mail as “Ipage Cashback Enquiry”. Within 24 hours you will hear from us.

  1. How do i contact your customer support?

         At present we serve you with email only. Just mail us. You will hear from us within 48 hours.

  1. Is it safe to Buy from SEO TOOL STACK?

         Yes, it is completely safe to buy Ipage hosting through us. We don’t save any of your details in our data base. For further information please check our   privacy policy.

  1. How do I invite friends?

         Yes, you can refer us to your friends by just providing them our link.

  1. Is it a limited period time offer?

         Yes, this offer is for limited time. We would discontinue this offer anytime by informing you.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • You will get cash back by purchasing any hosting plan through our link only.
  • You need to mail us the details like username, hosting plan, website name or domain name to avail cash back from us.
  • Once you get confirmation from us, it will take 60 days to process your cash back.
  • You will get maximum of 35 USD for shared web hosting and VPS hosting. For other hosting services you will get 50 USD.
  • You will get cash back only in the form of Paypal or Amazon gift card.

For more details on this offer just mail us at [email protected] You will hear from us about this offer.

Hurry, go and avail this offer and Get your domain and web hosting for free!!