Incredible Link Building Strategies To Increase Your Search Rankings

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Incredible Link Building Strategies To Increase Your Search Rankings

05/12/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Backlinks


Link Building Strategies

One of the most important ranking factors in the industry of SEO is backlinks. The algorithm of Google keeps on evolving and the SEO factors are changed. The links are a very important part to the health of the website yet the focus has been shifted heaving away from the quantity to the quality. This simply means that the time and effort involved in the building of links is more and it demands deliberate actions now than it used to and the final payoff is worth all of it. Well, here are some efficient link building methods which can actually help you for boosting the SEO of your website.

Create Cornerstone Assets Like Data And Research

Original data and research is a link building method that is the number one efficient link building technique. In this industry, content is the king and there is no content which is more valuable than the current content. If you hold creative control over the original research, it means that you can earn backlinks whenever someone writes a new social media post or blog article that references your findings. This is a cornerstone asset because the findings can be built by creating all types of fresh content right from the blog posts, to the infographics, and more.

Simply, start with a topic that you know the audience you have will find valuable. Then, conduct an independent research and whatever you find, compile it. Collect all the unique data points because it will be really valuable for you. After you are done with it, publish the research you did. Create a content that is complementary, based on the research you did. Simply, in the end, promote and share all your findings.

Paying For Legitimate Links

Well, buying links is actually a bad practice, simply an old school black hat SEO, and it is also liable to get the penalty from the Google for the trouble. But there are various opportunities that still exist for buying the links that are somewhat more legitimate than the others like official sponsorships, paid product reviews, and creating some guest content with disclosure. The legitimate paid methods are an efficient link building method 68% of the time.

Well, the risk of building paid links is too high and tries to build more organic links. But if you are still going for this, be sure that your profile does not exceed 10-25% paid links. Also, try to build the links slowly and deliberately and do lots of research on the targeted sites first. When you have paid a site so that they can host a sponsored content, simply disclose your involvement.

Sharing Content On Social Media

There are most of the SEOs that consider the social sharing as a really effective link building strategy and it has turned out to be the most popular method of link building. While there are some link building methods which are quite popular among the specific SEO teams, yet almost every SEO has found out some value in the social media – both in the sharing of the content and also while including links in the social media profiles.

There are ways to build links just by sharing the content on the social media. You can use the social listening tools to find out your audience on the social media platforms and earn the attention. You can use the tools to find the patterns in the popular content that you have like engagement on your posts. In the same vein, create a high quality content. After you are done with this, share and promote the content. Do not stop at this, but remarket your content also.

SEO is important and the link building is a great way. Here were the ways that could help you in link building but choose the method wisely. Choose the one which you find a bit easier than another and work on it properly to have a better SEO for your website.