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To send you more traffic and drop your links on different sites use these different Google queries to find thousands of sites.

About Blog Finder

Blog Finder Tool allows finding blogs easily

Blog Finder Tool is one of the excellent tools that are established by SEOToolStack. These tools will assist you to enhance your website or blog in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. With the assistance of this tool, you find the blogs associated with your niche and get the backlink that provides the influence your blog or website.

With the assistance of this Blog Finder Tool, you also find such mediums, Link Roundup, Resource Pages, Sponsor/ donation links. If you just want to search comments blogs, then this tool also discover comment blogs for you.

How it works:

  • Type your required Keywords.
  • Choose Necessary Category.
  • Choose Footprint.
  • You also choose time, Results and TLD.
  • Now Tap into Search & Enjoy Our Free Tool.


It is a top most Blog Search Finder for finding bloggers in your industry that may be ready to encourage your crowd funding campaign or with whom you can suggest a guest posting procedure to find the word out about your campaign. As per to the website, they are “presently tracing 112.8 million blogs and above 250 million pieces of identified social media.

Your Version

Your version enables you to check out the top blog posts (and other text, like tweets and videos) on your own benefits — you can also select to check blog-only text. The company that creates the web app has also moved out a pleasant set of mobile apps, comprising offerings for iPhone, iPad and Android tools. The app also appears with a well-designed browser extension that saves (and forming) bookmarks as easy in a just single click.