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Article Scraper

It is very difficult and time taking for marketers to find articles from websites that are relating to the keywords. But now it is a very easy task to fetch a number of websites related articles by only typing the keywords. This is achieved by using the tool easy article scraper.

SEO tool station has developed an excellent tool by name ‘Article Scraper'. This is an online tool, as the name suggests it scrapes many articles from various websites for a given keyword.

There are few free online article scrapers such as:

Coder duck:

This can be done by typing the keyword and choosing the place where this tool has to scrape the articles. There are more options like selecting the number of articles to scrape within no time. This scraped articles will be present in different boxes from which we can download to our PC.

This free online article scraper is very useful for marketers as it will easily help us in fetching articles by using the targeted keywords. We can rewrite the articles that are fetched using some SEO tools present online.


It is a free web scraping tool that copies the behavior of human web browsing and visual operation pane like pointing, clicking on a web page, entering the requirement in search, logging into an account, opening a web page etc.

ScrapeBox - Article Scraper Addon

It is one of the well known SEO tools. It allows scraping from most popular article directories and consists of multi threading feature which allows a faster gathering of keyword related articles.

Nowadays, it is very easy and efficient to scrape, spin, post, and translate an article. This has become easy by using Scrape box Article Scraper Plugin as one can get several different articles posted to your blog in minutes without even opening the browser.

This scrape box tool can be used in different ways:

It got an add on features like multi-threading for retrieving articles fastly, proxy support and to define the number of articles to be scraped before stopping. These articles are saved in the following format ANSI, Unicode or UTF-8 so articles from any language can be fetched.

It translates articles from different languages to English and from English to other 65 languages easily by using Article Scrapper Plugin without compromising quality and meaning.

As it performs multithreading, this helps in changing words in more articles at the same time and can covert word format to HTML links. With a single click, it can convert keywords to hyperlinks and change company names, spelling mistakes, emails, links, and keywords.

This ScrapeBox Article Scraper Plugin got a feature of re-writing articles on its own by using its own database for synonym replacement. This makes easy for the user which doesn’t need any typing as this task can be accomplished by simply clicking on the word. The database is editable as you can add more synonyms or delete some.