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Adsense Sandbox Checker

Enter keywords (or paste the URL of any web page) to see contextual and geo-targeted Google AdSense Ads.

About Adsense Sandbox Checker

Adsense Sandbox Checker

From the beginning, itself Webmasters and SEO masters are aiming for good rank in Google. They want to understand and get more information in order to understand Google sandbox checker. It can be called as a filter that is positioned in a website. It is mostly for the websites that won't get a good ranking from their important keywords and phrases even after constituting effective links, excellent content and google page rank.

How tool works

Google Adsense is an ad placement program that is managed by Google, this allows setting up of images, video ads, and text by advertisers on their websites. It measures the return on their expenses based on PPC or CPM.  For posting advertisements on the website, Adsense sandbox tool has become a favored method, as ads are welcomed than the banners because the contents of the ads are usually relevant to the website. Based on the user's geographical location, users most searched content and so on; Google uses its search technology to serve those ads that are based on website content. Those ads that are to advertise with googles targeted ad system can sign up through AdWords.

Purpose to use the tool

To check status and ad previews of your AdSense on google, AdSense Sandbox Checker  tool is used. It is used to check whether your website is banned for using Google Adsense or not. If the restricted keywords or ban website is gone through this AdSense Sandbox checker, it cannot be displayed as the tool do not allow to display.

Google AdSense sandbox is an excellent tool to check and preview ads for different websites and keywords. Its main role is to find what kind of AdSense ads are serving on various domains and for keywords, .we can check on AdSense sandbox, If you want to check any AdSense advertisements with no harm to any Google AdSense terms of services. There will be no money gained by the publisher or paid by the advertiser for clicking and checking in AdSense sandbox.

There are several uses of AdSense sandbox, they are:

  • Checking ads for different domains
  • Checking for a specific keyword in AdSense sandbox
  • To check the website in AdSense sandbox

How to use Adsense sandbox checker

Adsense sandbox checker tool is chiefly intended to check relevant and geo targeted advertisements, and in the meantime it can be utilized to check for AdSense penalty for any given area All we need to do is place the domain name or keyword in their respective places and select country. Now press ‘show google ads', select the locale and tap on peview promotions. In the event that you see all the advertisement spots are clear, that implies AdSense account is prohibited for specific space.The special feature of it is, we can view all kinds of ads such as banners, graphical and text.